The header represents a container that appears at the top of every story and features the main headings and a set of navigational links.


The header/main navigation is a global module that belongs to the account theme settings. Once set, the header will be applied to all the stories created under the same account.

The header appears at the top of every story you create and typically contains one or more navigation elements (headings and links) and logos or icons.

1. Standard Fabl Header

Fabl’s default header comes with social media sharing buttons and neutral background fit for any story.

Example of Fabl’s standard header below:

2. Co-branded Header feature

Fabl has a built in co-branded header feature if your campaign requires this.
This allows you to feature two logos in the navigation.

Example of a co-branded header below:

3. Setting up your header

When you onboard with Fabl, you will be able to state any other design or functionality preferences. See how you can onboard with Fabl and set up your account.

You will have to provide screenshots of the header design you would like for your Fabl stories and links for each navigation heading.

Below are some examples of types of headers/navigations used across different Fabl accounts.

Header with custom navigation, two rows heading, logo + tagline:

Header with custom designed navigation, company logo + tagline:

Header with standard social media links, custom navigation and company logo:

Header with custom navigation, custom button, logo + tagline:

Header with custom social media links, company logo:

Need to change the links in the header?

Check out the Advanced Tutorial for Adding New Links in the Header.