Setting up your account

Your account manager will share with you the New Account Form in a shared Google Drive folder. You will have to fill out the form and then we’ll get started to set up your account.

1.Please see below the list of items you’ll need to provide

1 - Account name

Determine the name for your account.

2 - List of users

First name, last name and email addresses.

3 - Brand guidelines

If no formal guidelines are in place, please provide fonts for headings and body text, pantone colors and any other important design details for your brand.

4 - Logo files

Web optimized logo file formats (.svg, .pdf, .png, etc.).

5 - Custom fonts (if applicable)

Sample Text

Sample Text

Sample Text

Sample Text

6 - Header/Navigation

See example below:

Screenshot of the header design you would like for your Fabl stories and links for each navigation heading. Please note if social icons are required in the header, please provide URL’s. Also, keep in mind that Fabl has a built in co-branded header feature if your campaign requires this.

7 - Footer

We will implement our standard Fabl Footer unless a custom footer is required.

8 - Subdomain - determine the subdomain for your Fabl stories and follow the steps in our tutorial, Subdomains.

9 - Account theme - give feedback or approval on the account theme sample story shared by Fabl.

10 - Get Started - it’s time to log into your account and start creating. Please view our tutorial on Getting Started: Welcome to Fabl.