The navigation bar is a structural component that contains links to other sections of a story or links to external web pages or other stories.

The navigation bar is most commonly displayed as a horizontal list of links at the top of each story.

In Fabl stories you will find two types of navigation bars:

Main Navigation Bar (part of the Header)

Secondary Nav Bar (Internal Navigation)

1. Main Navigation (Header)

The main navigation is a structural element of the header, a global module that belongs to the account theme settings. Once set, the main navigation will be applied to all the stories created under the same account.

Learn more about setting up the main navigation in the dedicated header tutorial.

2. Secondary or Internal Navigation

Internal navigation is a type of navigation bar that can be set from within a story.
The internal navigation bar contains quick links to different sections inside a story.

The internal navigation will be positioned underneath the banner.

See example of internal navigation within a Fabl story:

To set up an internal navigation bar inside a story, check out the tutorial for Setting up the internal navigation.
To change the links in the main navigation, check out the tutorial for adding new links in the header.